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About Us

From here we started, realizing that the road to start is bumpy and fraught with hardship, but we chose to struggle because there is no way to win except by risk. We established Sky, affiliated to the Bright Stars Corporation for Electronic Marketing, with a commercial register number 1010638189 and tax number 310582750200003
We chose the path of beauty because beauty is one language in which no race or gender differs. We believe that beauty has a spirit that is based on creation and follows your attractiveness, interest and understanding of your own beauty. Therefore, we have provided you with more than 10 thousand products for five hundred brands that you trust for care and make-up products and the scent of a perfume that precedes your path.
And because trust is the primary factor for success and continuity, we assure you that our products are 100% original from our authorized agent or from outside the Kingdom and with safe shipping of your products.
Under the motive that beauty is a right for every soul to be proud of, we have provided reasonable prices and a delivery service that includes all cities in the Kingdom.
And because we have chosen to be the spirit of beauty with remarkable exclusivity, we have enabled in Sky the advantage of post-payment in cooperation with the TAPI company portal, whether by purchasing products and paying them in installments or paying them after a period of time when you give life, and we know that you are the foundations of our success, so affiliate marketing is a benefit for you and us.
Our passion for excellence makes us strive to be the best, armed with tenderness and a sense of beauty around us.